Israel/Middle East News 7:31 pm Feb 27

'Joe Will Do Iraq': Biden Takes Credit for Iraq Withdrawal

Court of Appeals Allows Schools to Ban US Flag Shirts to Avoid Racist Mexican Violence

Those DREAMERS are doing a wonderful job of changing…

Israel/Middle East News 4:29 pm Feb 27

Autism experts join TLV marathon
Ahead of joint Israel-Canadian symposium on ASD, duo laces up their sneakers in name of research and shared science

Christians in Syria City Reportedly Sign Second Class Citizen Pact with Islamist Rebels, Forced to Pay…

Israel/Middle East News 12:59 pm Feb 27

UN nuclear agency drops sensitive Iran report, sources say
IAEA worries probing deeper into Iran’s suspected atomic bomb plans could hinder talks.

IAEA nixed delicate report on Iran nuclear program
UN agency reportedly decided…

Israel/Middle East News 9:31 am Feb 27

Journalists hold global day of protest over Al-Jazeera staff held in Egypt
Media workers part in demonstrations and speak out online, including a ‘thunderclap’ on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. By Dugald BairdDugald Baird

John Kerry's plans to solve Isr…

Israel/Middle East News 6:29 am Feb 27

Palestinian negotiator: No peace talks beyond April
Saeb Erekat says extending negotiations is useless as long as Israel ‘continues to disregard international law’.

Jersey seeks to enhance relationships with Israel
Isle News:…

Israel/Middle East News 11:03 am Feb 20

Presbyterian delegation visits SodaStream plant
Church leaders say West Bank factory endorsed by Scarlett Johansson ‘enhances’ Israeli-Palestinian relations

Blast rocks Syrian refugee camp near Turkey border, scores wounded