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How Iranian Oil Tankers Keep Syria's War Machine Alive
Iran is using just three tankers to send oil to Syria, all of them classified as Suezmax tankers capable of hauling 1 million barrels each. These are the biggest class of ships that can get through the Suez Canal with a full load. The…

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UN launches online campaign for refugees
“While the Syrian conflict continues for a fifth year, and many conflicts in the region and beyond exacerbate the humanitarian crisis for displaced persons and refugees, voices from the region should take centre stage to empower action that showcases &…

Hamas claims to have built new terror tunnel to Israel

Hamas claims to have built new terror tunnel to Israel
JERUSALEM (JTA) — Hamas claims to have built a new terror tunnel to be used in the next conflict against Israel. A video of the tunnel was screened Sunday on Iranian television, according to reports. A masked terrorist filmed in the tunnel s…

Pine Bush to pay $4.48 million to settle anti-Semitism lawsuit

Pine Bush to pay .48 million to settle anti-Semitism lawsuit
“As a result of this nightmare, these children suffered from, among other things, social isolation, depression, and post-traumatic stress.” Maazel and his firm and advocacy group Public Justice were brought on board in the case by the o…

Terror attack in West Bank: Four Israelis wounded in shooting + MORE

Israel bars foreign activist flotilla from reaching Gaza
Israel said it had blocked a boat leading a four-vessel protest flotilla of foreign activists from reaching the Gaza Strip and forced it to sail to an Israeli port.

Clashes erupt between volunteer forces and…